Crazy Horse School K-12 PE/Health Teacher in Wanblee, South Dakota

To provide regularly scheduled health, physical education and adaptive physical education to assigned students. The goal is for all students to be proficient at their grade level. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Identify and assess physical and perceptual motor needs of students.Maintain the knowledge of physical education and health and ability to provide instruction to the students.Consult with teachers, upon request, regarding issues related to regular physical education and health.Maintain current knowledge of recent instructional trends relation to adaptive physical education.Plan physical education programs to promote development of student's physical attributes and social skills.Teacher individual and team sports to students, utilizing knowledge of sports techniques and of physical capabilities of students.Organize, lead, instruct and referee indoor and outdoor games, such as volleyball, baseball, basketball, etc.Instruct individuals or groups in beginning or advanced calisthenics, exercises or corrective exercises, determining type of level of difficulty of exercises, corrections needed, and prescribed movements.Select, order, issue and inventory equipment, materials, and supplies used in the physical education program.Develops and teaches contemporary topics in health education, including; personal health, wellness and fitness; consumer and community health; family life education; nutrition, weight control and eating disorders; environmental health; first aid, safety and prevention and care of injuries; mental and emotional health; communicable and chronic diseases; substance use and abuse; human sexuality; and violence.Participate in IEP meetings, when necessary, with Special Education staff, parent, administrators, and other appropriate staff to develop an IEP for a student.Prepare written lesson plans and make them available for the supervisor/principal and submit the lesson plan according to the schedule.Maintain an environment conducive to the student's social and emotional growth, as well as academic achievement. Evaluate the progress of students assigned and provide periodic reports to administrators, supervisors, and/or parents as needed or requested.Maintain attendance records and report absences in conformity with the school and Tribal attendance/truancy policies.Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other teachers, subject coordinators, guidance counselors, principals, and administrative personnel.PHYSICAL EDUCATION / HEALTH TEACHER - Page 2 Assume an active role in promoting and maintaining sound relationships with parents or students in order to strengthen and promote the effectiveness of the education process for Crazy Horse School.Continue professional growth and development through: attendance at faculty meetings; participation in ins-service education programs; participation in curriculum and program developments at Crazy Horse School.Attend and participate in educational meetings and conferences that are directly related to assigned responsibilities in the school.Assist in sponsoring and supervising certain school activities.Insure proper care and utilization of materials and equipment used in the execution of duties.To use technology when necessary to enhance learning.Promote Lakota language and culture.Direct the activities of the paraprofessional staff when needed.Observe high ethical and professional standards befitting the teaching profession and conduct accordingly in the discharge of professional responsibilities. Direct the activities of the paraprofessional staff when needed.Observe high ethical and professional standards befitting the teaching profession and conduct accordingly in the discharge of professional responsibilities.Classroom appearance will be neat, innovative and relevant-environment as a staff responsibility and will practice classroom organization and management.Must not engage in political activities that will misrepresent Crazy Horse School's educational